Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2016

Departments / Sections in SOL Library

• Reserve Section

The reserve section is directly behind the circulation desk. Books that are in constant demand as well as rare collections are kept in this section. Books in this section can only be used within the library for specified periods of time. Patrons who desire to use material(s) from the reserve section shall produce their AUN identity cards and follow the procedure of borrowing material(s) on a short term loan for use within the library.

• Open Shelves

This is located in the area by the reading section of the library. Textbooks on the open shelves can be borrowed for a period of one week for students and one month for faculty, subject to renewals up to a maximum of one month for students and three months for faculty, respectively. However, borrowed material(s) may be recalled at any time before the expiration of the loan period, if the need arises.

• Special Collection

These are basically codified laws of Nigeria, Laws of States within Nigeria and international instruments. The special collection can be found on the left side immediately after entering the library. These materials are strictly for use within the library and cannot be borrowed.

• Reference Section 

The reference section can be found on shelves located immediately after foreign law reports. Dictionaries, thesaurus, religious books and other reference materials can be found in this section of the library.


• Electronic Resources Section

The electronic resources section can accommodate ten patrons at a time. Patrons are encouraged to use their personal computers since they have access to all databases at all times irrespective of their location. Obscene materials must not be downloaded on the library computers. The library computers are strictly for research use and any form of leisure activity is strictly prohibited.

• Overflow


These are two rooms for library overflows. One is located on the ground floor of the SOL Building while the other is on the first floor. The overflows have foreign law report collections. Kindly seek the assistance of a library staff to retrieve materials from the overflow sections. Materials from this section are strictly for use within the library.

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