SOL Rules

Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Rules Governing the SOL Library

Guest users must present valid means of identification.

Bags and other belongings must be locked up in the lockers provided outside the library. The library will not be liable for loss of valuable items. 

Identity cards must be produced in order to borrow a library material.

Books are borrowed for a period of one week for students and one month for faculty. 

Materials on reserve can only be borrowed on short term use of maximum of two hours. 

Late return of borrowed material(s) attracts a fine of One Thousand Naira to be charged to the patron’s account.

Outstanding library loans must be settled before a patron is allowed to borrow another material in the ensuing semester.

Patrons’ books and belongings shall be subject to inspection upon leaving the library.

No food item or liquid is allowed into the library. Refreshments can be consumed at the lounge located at the first floor of SOL.

Silence must be observed in the library at all times. Where patrons have to converse, it shall be in inaudible tones and without distracting other library users.

Only one patron is allowed at a computer station at a time. Where several patrons require the use of library computers, each patron shall be allowed a period of two hours each at a time.

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