Research & Cataloging Unit

Last Updated: Friday, 21 August 2015

Research & Cataloging Unit

Research and Cataloguing unit is saddled with the roles of organizing academic resources and other resources for teaching and learning at the Digital Services Department (Library).

Apart from organizing vast print and e-resources of the Library, the unit professionally exploits enormous electronic resources available on-line to identifies, collects, organizes and preserves scholarly e-resources leveraging on Open Access Educational Resources for learning and research for the University community.

Here at AUN, the use of technology and associated software is critical to our leading role in Integrated Library System. Therefore, we perform our research and Cataloging function using Integrated Library Software known as Koha. This enables the unit to perform the following Functions:


Functions of the Unit
  • The Unit provides services to Library users through creation, organization, and maintenance, of acquired Learning Resources.
  • The Unit plays a leading role in Institutional repository. This we do by collecting, collating, and organizing and making publicly available intellectual resources published by our esteemed faculty, staff and students.
  • Identifies pulls and organizes relevant Open Access e-books in various disciplines for students, faculty, and staff as well assist towards the adoption of free peer-reviewed electronic textbooks for students.
  • Providing the needed publications/research materials to faculty and students to aid their research process.
  • Promotes the use of Open Access and Open Educational resources among faculty members, staff, and students of the University by creating access and easy retrieval mechanisms to those information resources available in the library.


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